Our compact, passive energy selectors will allow you to use monoenergetic ion or electron beams as required for your applications.

High-power lasers offer the possibility to accelerate particles (electrons, or ions) in very compact setups. They can be then used either as interaction or probe beams. They are however somewhat broadband, and often unstable in energy. We offer you here a way to select in energy these beams in a very compact manner. This is done by an energy selector inspired from conventional accelerator optics. With dimensions of 10 by 10 by 20 cm, it fits easily in your target chamber, and allows to have, in the exit, a stable, perfectly reproducible beam of electrons or ions, in a direction that is unmodified compared to the input beam, hence making the overall alignment of your setup easy.

The picture below shows an example of fielding such a selector in the output of a gas-jet based ponderomotivemy accelerated proton beam.


The picture below show an example of a beam in the output of the selector, here a proton beam at 300 keV. A series of slit in the selector allow you to dial the number of particle, as well as the energy bandwidth in the output, as desired. Models can be tailored to your need, allowing to tune the particle energy from for ions (resp. electrons) 100s of keV to 10s of MeV (resp. MeVs to GeVs).

selected beam