We can provide for you gas target systems, in a modular way, from tenuous atmospheres to the most dense gas possible. Variable types of gases can be used, with Hydrogen solutions possible. Our custom designed nozzles will allow you to create plasmas with different shapes (cylindrical, rectangular, trapezoidal, etc) with exquisite precision, and with varied density gradients (gaussian, flat, ramped, etc). All nozzles will be fully characterized using 3D tomography before delivery.

We can assist you in several ways in getting gas target systems:

1. For systems that will work with backing pressures up to 90 bars (which can result, depending on the nozzle used, in atomic densities up to 1e20 particle/(cubic cm)), we can provide you a full system with custom based solutions, ready to install in your laboratory, with an option of on-site installation and characterization

2-for systems working at higher pressures (a few thousands bars, i.e. able to reach over 1e21 particle/(cubic cm)), the preferred way to go is to use all commercial equipment that is safety-rated to work in this regime. We will provide you with a full list of such equipment to procure, and will solely assist you with the safety procedures to follow, and training in order to work safely at these very high pressures. We can also provide characterized nozzles, adapted to the high-pressure valves we will suggest to you, that would suit you best for your application. As an option, we also provide on-site installation of the purchased equipment,